QioptiQ contacted Pixellit looking to capture operational images of soldiers using their equipment in an outdoor training facility.

QioptiQ asked Pixellit to capture operational type stills for use in marketing, graphics, advertising etc.

QioptiQ weapon sights would be mounted on appropriate weapon platforms in an operational type environment. Dismounted close combat, long range sniper activity, in a current scenario theatre of operations (not desert). Buildings etc. there may be the opportunity to shoot in low light (evening).

Pixellit and Qioptiq worked together to set up scenarios which would capture the following over the two-day shoot:
• Posed still images of the EST team in various locations
• Action images of the EST team enacting manoeuvres around an urban environment.
• Stand-alone images of sights on weapon platforms (secondary activity)

The client requested that the images should look as realistic as possible, include the latest standard issue equipment DPM, webbing, weapons etc, and should include the following activity:
• House clearance
• Sniper / sharpshooter from window
• Sniper activity – various locations
• Street patrol
• Activity around tunnels / caves
• Surveillance and target acquisition – various locations

Pixellit shot the brief in “episodes”; Low light, defence, patrol, combat and covert.
Each episode needed careful attention to the QioptiQ equipment list to ensure a bank of imagery was created for each weapon and sight.

Pixellit delivered a bank of over 800 Hi-Res digital images to QioptiQ which were used for advertising on social media, to illustrate editorials in defence industry publications and were also printed and used for large scale exhibition stand backdrops.

PixelLit Photography were professional, friendly and responsive to our requirements from the offset. They worked closely with us to deliver our brief, far exceeding our expectations.

During the extended shoot they worked with our team, the location manager and the models to get the very best out of every location and opportunity, to deliver consistently great work.

Their eye for subject, lighting and composition is matched by their technical expertise and their post-production and after sales service is second to none.

Craig Taylor- Head Of Marketing Communications. Excelitas Qioptiq