Vanessa Elliott is a personal trainer who also runs a variety of group classes. Vanessa has built a successful brand around VPT kettlebell classes. Vanessa approached Pixellit to create some marketing material for her to use when promoting her kettlebell classes on various platforms including social media

Vanessa’s brief: “I want the images to be gritty in their appearance and style. I want them to illustrate not only the physical aspect of the work my clients do in my classes, but also the fun and comradery my clients find amongst each other that helps them to achieve those personal fitness goals. I want the images to illustrate technique and a few which will show my friendly teaching style. I also need headshots for my bio, Linked In and professional profiles.”

Pixellit attended a one hour kettlebell class and Vanessa attended the studio for a 40 minute shoot. Pixellit delivered over 225 professionally edited images.

” Pixellit are extremely professional – I would highly recommend. Understood my brief – delivered to perfection – The bank images captured the essence of what I do. Made me feel at ease for my own photoshoot (something I had never done before) but Emma really made me feel at ease. Emma knows her stuff and delivers an extremely professional service.”

Vanessa Elliott PT